Staffing (rendered by Private Employment Agency Manpower))

Using the service of temporary staff, the Client quickly gets the competent staff exactly for a special period of time to meet current business goals. We provide the temporary staff for a short temp and long temp period of time. Projects can be duration from 1 day to a year.

Frequently, the need for temporary staff recruitment arises:

  • in time-limited projects;
  • in the implementation of seasonal projects;
  • In the period of preparation and holding of exhibitions and conferences;
  • in the holiday period (including, maternity leave) and sick of staff member;
  • in the implementation of short-term internal projects requiring additional labor resource(development and implementation of IT systems, market research, advertising and promotions, consolidation of financial / accounting statements);
  • in the expansion of business;
  • during the long-term / short-term assignments of permanent employees.

Involving temporary staff through ManpowerGroup, you get:

  • a flexible approach of human resources operation;
  • a lack of an independent search and selection of specialists, and their HR administration issues;
  • an opportunity to hire the person with required qualifications as quickly as possible (within a few hours from receipt of order);
  • a prompt replacement of temporary employee in case of poor performance.

ManpowerGroup provides temporary staff to work in different lines of business on such positions as: secretary, personal assistants, a financial clerks, couriers, accountants, translators, technical specialists, merchandisers, promoters, etc.


We provide employees as soon as possible, always adapts to the Client’s needs and find a way out of the most difficult situations. Our candidates are trained and are ready to cooperate on a long-term basis.

We have years of experience working with the largest Russian and international companies and we are proud of the project we have implemented.